Terms of Service

1. Introduction

KeyComicBooks.com is a free service to identify key comics books that are collected by comic book collectors. This is a fan site. We are fans of Marvel comics and the films derived from them. We encourage discussion of Marvel Comics, characters, the comic book collecting hobby, comic investing, and other topics of interested connected to Marvel Comics. Many articles are written in a snarky ironic style. This is intentional. The point of the site is to enjoy the hobby and to have fun.

2. Elegibilty to use the site

No one under the age of 13 may use this website. Your use and participation in the website is at the sole discretion of KeyComicBooks.com. Your participation and use of the site may be terminated at any time for any reason by KeyComicBooks.com.

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4. Digital Copyright Compliance

This site promotes Marvel comic characters as fan site for collectors of Marvel comics and the films derived from them.

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5. Warranty

No warranty is made in connection with your use of the site or it's information. No guarantee is made that comic books will continue to increase in value. Nothing on this site constitutes actual investment advice. The opinions expressed by the staff in blog posts are merely opinions and carry no weight or signifigance in the broader comic book market. Inclusion in the database does not guarantee future increase in value in a comic book nor does exclusion of a comic book in the database mean that a comic book will not increase in value. The exlusive inclusion of Marvel comics in the database is due only to the personal preferences of author's of the site, who are lifelong Marvel fans.

6. Dispute Resolution

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7. Limitaiton of Liability

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